"A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people"
-Mahatma Ghandi

Talk: "The Origins and Spread of Ancient Chinese Mythology"
17 January 2017
Dr. Isaac Yue from The School of Chinese at The University of Hong Kong, will be giving a talk on the origins of Chinese mythology, and their different categorizations, and unique characteristics, offering insights into the importance and role that myths have played in shaping Chinese culture.

The talk will be in Cantonese.

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Conference: Shang and Zhou Bronzes and Casting Technology
4-5 November 2016
The second annual event on Chinese culture to be jointly organized by Chinese Cultural Studies Center and the Cultural Management department at CUHK will be on Shang and Zhou Bronzes and Casting Technology Conferences. Distinguished archaeologists from China and other countries will be presenting their latest research in the field of ancient Chinese Bronzes.

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Juci: A traditional method of ceramic repair
14 July 2016
Mr. Wang Laoxie, a master craftsman skilled in the traditional Chinese method of juci, a unique repair method for ceramics that can be likened to stapling, will be giving a presentation on the history, culture, and craftsmanship of this discipline. The secrets of the trade have until recently been tightly guarded, and passed down in his family through the traditions, starting with his ancestor, who worked in the Imperial Workshop of the Qing dynasty.
Presentation will be in Putonghua.

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CCSC talk: The Appreciation and Connoisseurship of Chinese Rubbings
27 May 2016
Rubbings are inked impressions on paper that have been reproduced from engravings or reliefs. They are one of the key ways to preserve the calligraphy, culture and history of imperial China. Despite their long history, rubbings have not been as popular as Chinese paintings and calligraphy due to the inherent difficulty in appreciating and authenticating them.

This talk attempts to explore the lesser-known art form of rubbings or traditional forms of artistic reproduction in imperial China, through selected pieces from the Hong Kong University Museum and Art Gallery collection which have never been shown to the public. Among these pieces, many are emblematic of Chinese calligraphic traditions, religions and numismatics up until the 20th century. Illustrated rubbings provide detailed and vivid information ranging from daily to economic, religious, political, and cultural life of historical pasts. Most notable is the extremely rare rubbing of the Southern Song dynasty stone inscription from Joss House Bay in Hong Kong, the earliest dated rock engraving in Hong Kong, and tells the early history of Hong Kong. In addition to the stories of selected rubbings, this talk will also introduce audiences to some basic terminologies and knowledge in rubbing connoisseurship. Last but not least, selected rubbings of model calligraphy will be used to discuss the appreciation of Chinese calligraphy.

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CCSC presentation: The Dance of Tea and Incense
20 May 2016
Traditionally, the literati saw the use of incense and tea as intertwined, enhancing the enjoyment and meaning of each other. This upcoming presentation by Ms. Zhou Zhu Jun will highlight the use of tea and incense together, and through a cup of clean tea and the pure aroma of incense, will demonstration how they help one to find serenity and beauty in the midst of life. Presentation will be in Putonghua.

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